To Whom It May Concern

Once you reach the peak of the mountain where narcissism abides, it's almost impossible to go back. After all you've stepped up the ladder all the way, climbed that mountain to the top, you jumped over all obstacles and buried some along the way, you danced around love breaking hearts with ever step. You crushed many spirits never looking back to say, I'm sorry and you walked cool in your three piece suit with a smile etched on your face never giving a thought to true beauty or the value of grace.

It never entered your mind that your aging years would come, with your body breaking down and no help from a bottle of wine, rum, whiskey or whatever it takes to soothe your soul. Alas flat-lined in a hospital room with onlookers waiting to see their piece of the pie and you still don't realize why no love is standing by...Melvina.....

by Melvina Germain

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Its been awhile since you posted, reading this in retrospect leaves it feeling as if you were not at a good place, or something happened to affect your spirit. The words are a powerful indictment of a narcissistic personality, the opening lines do not miss a punch, and the first half come across as a stream of conscious write in a very fast pace, I get a sense of unease when reading this. I do hope your well Melvina, still glad that your work is still here! .
Fascinating poem, Melvina. There where narcissism abides, there is no space for love for the other. Dashing words you created here and thank you for sharing this intriguing poem. A 10+++++++ for the vote. Please, create some more poems for this site, your last poem on PH was created in 2016. Great pity if I cannot read you in future times.
i just reread this. and i noticed that the last of the last line COULD be interpreted as meaning Melvina is in a hospital bed, ...........but from what i think i know about you, i don't think you would be without 'love' standing by. i hope you are well! i left a comment some time ago. i shall 'borrow' this to go into my/our March 2017 showcase. it shall be used in its entirety and as is. Thanks. let me know if you DON'T want me using it; i'd remove it then. bri :)
A salutary tale very well expressed, road chosen to final loneliness. A brilliant piece of writing and true poetry. Tom Billsborough
The Road Less Traveled for the contemporary world. Melvina, this is a brilliant work....A perfect 10.
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