MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

To Work At Midnight

My world is small today
I have not been outside
beyond the patio
to feed the cats.
I’ve stayed wrapped
between the pages
of my book,
or hovered over
bright green worms
of waveforms,
electronic shape of words
captured from the air
now shaped to my needs.
I stayed inside the walls,
phones off, bells all disconnected
to let me work and rest, to let
me ready for the night.
And night has fallen,
just a gentle veil that
turns all cats grey, sleek
forms that move like solid air;
shape, form, no substance
as they pass.
On Friday nights
the neighbours play
they talk and laugh and
wave at me
when I leave for work,
my midnight music rendezvous.
Night lights the spark

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