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To Worship

A pagan God I do not need to worship
A suit and a tie I very seldom wear,
Congregations I tend to stay away from
I go in my closet when I want to say a prayer.
When I speak I never speak in confusion
God knows every word that we speak,
I don't make signs with my fingers or my hands
It is man alone who makes his religion weak.
Faith is known by many different names
So, we treat them all differently with our beliefs and rules,
Some must wear this, or we must say or do that
And then we proudly call them pagans and fools.
I do not understand men worshiping in a robe
Or people worshiping man-made religious jewelry,
They then drink the wine that they call blood
I believe that this is all just silly foolery.

Randy L. McClave

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Ha Ha Ha Ha ! Your poem made my day McClave. Thanks for sharing