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To Write
CT ( / Virginia)

To Write

A poem
To me a ray of hope
Where more likely than not
None shall shine
To write
Is to hope
For greater things and grand days to come
I hesitate
For false hopes breed depression deep within
Too many wrongs have been done for few to rights
The few rights can’t hold fast against the countless lonely nights
But yet…
To write
Is to hope
Hope for the sweetest girl I know
Hope for a chance at something I’ve been missing
Hope for something more than a broken heart
Hope for a new life, a new start

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Comments (2)

Inspiring poem. Especially when I see no benefits of hope. To actually put faith in hope seems like throwing your faith into the abyss. Writing your hopes and dreams down gives the concept a point. In a sense they (your hopes) become tangeable.
I can relate very strongly to what you've written here. Thanks for this, regards, Seán