If I Were An Animal


If I were an animal I wonder what I’d be,
a roaring proud lion or a busy little bee.

Perhaps I’d be a beautiful mare with a mane thick and wild,
grazing in a field on summer days so mild.

Then I’d have my flirting days in heat when I’m looking for a ride.
Yes that would be neat, strolling through a field with two stallions by my side.

Would I be a donkey belonging to a gypsy selling heather,
making money out of me on Blackpool beach for children’s pleasure,
I’d have nothing to look forward too, up and down all day.
Na, I don’t think I’d like to live my life that way.

I could be a farm animal, like a pig or a chicken,
but then I’d be turned into something finger licking!

Perhaps I’d be a tiger or a chimpanzee,
swinging from tree to tree as happy as can be.

How about an elephant with a long thick trunk,
a fox, a squirrel, or a dirty little skunk.

Why not a bird because I do love to sing.
Not a magpie or a seagull, but a real pretty little thing.

I’d fly to someplace nice that much is true,
but knowing my luck Id get bloody flu!

by Sandra Kerin Campbell

Comments (2)

Inspiring poem. Especially when I see no benefits of hope. To actually put faith in hope seems like throwing your faith into the abyss. Writing your hopes and dreams down gives the concept a point. In a sense they (your hopes) become tangeable.
I can relate very strongly to what you've written here. Thanks for this, regards, Seán