To You

I must mention there is this one specific lecturer,
Who I always valued as they seemed greater.

He helped me when he didn't need to,
And I feel so indebted I must tell you.

I guess I never had my parents to rely on.

Having him there never felt wrong.
It me strong.

Maybe I was good student,
Always studious and diligent.

That specific lecturer,
Is the care giver.

Of this little mind.
Which grew every time he made it wind.

So I thank you for always being there.
Sharing knowledge my ears are always glad to hear.
Even though sometimes you would say I didn't seem to care.

I guess those times I may have had a personal issue,
Which wasn't so easy to reclude.
Hopefully I was not too rude.

I hope I haven't wasted your time.
Never have you ever wasted mine.

It is I deem you as most special.
For the knowledge I have gained I am simply thankful.

by Safiyyah Manjra

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