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To You
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

To You

Poem By Danny Speicher

When the world spins 'round
With it's rushed pace and little time
It is always nice to sit and know
I am yours and you are mine
Sometimes I get caught up
In what the world would have me do
But, with a simple smile or glance
My heart, again, is true to you
I've found what's important
Through all of the rest
It is to find the one you'll love
And learn to love them the best
There is so much I've already learned
It is your heart I'm longing for
And for your heart I'll yearn
You've taken my life from nothing
And built it into a dream come true
And for that I owe you everything
My heart, my dreams, to you

((June 24th,2000))

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