To You. *

Poem By Shelley L Baxter

As I lie here upon my bed,
I think of all the things you said...
and I wonder if their true,
I want to hear it from you.

I’ve been told that you’re in love,
that I’m the one you’re dreaming of...
Still your actions don’t prove true,
I need to hear it from you.

If you would just tell me how you feel,
take the time to show you’re real,
pick up the phone just to say,
I think about you most the day.

Then I would not be in the dark,
wondering if our loves a lark,
you would know I love you too,
there’s so much I long to say to you.

Written on October 19th 2004.

Comments about To You. *

I feel my emtions have been penned down*Blushes* Ashish.
This is so sweet and tender Shelley, I love it. Excellent writing, a real treasure coming from a precious lady---Melvina---
nicly done Shelly.

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