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To You
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To You

Why do we need pain to strengthen our character?
What is it, that we are really after?
Why so much anomosity? Why so much rage.
Death will ultimately kill you, because sin has a wage.
Evil can not be justified, in it, there is no right.
Evil is darkness, in it, there is no light.
Why be miserable and full of hate?
Life gets heavy, but we all must bare some weight.
You are not your emotions, or what you think.
Your apart of the human body, as necessary as a blink.
You make your decisions, you've been given the freedom to make them.
Everything also has consequence good, or bad, but you must take them.
How you contribute to mankind, is how life will contribute unto you.
In other words, Do unto others, as you, would have them do.... To you.

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I really like this. why should we hate? ? ? ?