HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

To You, , My Heart...

calling you always my heart...
because you are really in my heart...
and you only whom can hear my beats heart...
and you only whom know the happiness tune inside my

i saw you there..
yes there...
in my heart..
drink from my blood..
breathe with my air, which i breathe with..
wondered how you owned me...
and how you owned my heart...
and all my feelings, which i have..

i lost my hearts` key..
searched for it..
found it in your heart..
with you my heart..
my eyes..
my feelings..
OH my heart again..
how could you own me..
and own my lonely heart..
my only heart which i have...

you owned me..
you hurt me..
you pain me..
you set afire inside me..
you make me laugh..
and also you make me cry..

with all that, , ,
i feel with a big happiness, ,
and a great of peace of mind..
as i am flying in a wide space in this world..
in that sky...

my heart flying now..
and my mind too flyed with your lovely love..
maybe i am so fool and crazy with my words..
and so hard with my desire to you..
and pain with this love..

i know that i am always prisoner to your love..
and my heart too..

for that i am calling you my heart..
o the dearest one to my heart..
you deserved me and my heart...

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