To: You, My Love

to you i write this poem
not about ponies or mermaids
or even a happy home
just to let you know
how deep my love for you is
how stupid i was to say 'no'

when i think about you i say 'yes'
but thats when i think about the god tymes
like when you first saw me, in a dress

i dont know you for you
ive only seen you twice
but talking to you on the fone makes me feel like i do

you say you love me
but we dont even know each other
so should i give you my hearts key?

its like were chasing each other around a tree
i cant see you
you cant see me

dont you think we should wait?
until our second date?

for i dont know you
you dont know me
just wait til its us two

by taylor dumm

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