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Poem By jerry hughes

Poor toad.
You carry such
a load of ugliness.
A gash for a mouth,
big bulging eyes,
a fat, round body.
It doesn't surprise
when people wince.
But in your dreams,
poor toad, you'll
always be a prince.

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Comments (6)

A brief description of an innocent from a compassionate heart!
You have made the reader feel so fondly towards your toad. That is your art, my love. Clever lad. Sweet poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks Susan, Linda and Fay, your comments are much appreciated. Fondly, Jerry
'Poor toad' - you evoke such sympathy, I feel a kiss coming on! I like the alliteration and internal rhyme; it paints a vivid picture. S :)
How wonderful - an ode to a toad! Light and fanciful write, Jerry. Not your usual style, but a nice change of pace. I love it! Linda :)