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SM (11 february 1956 / beirut)


She dreams alone
Now two beds two stories
I saw her going an angel
Noiseless yet so telling.

Feel my body collect the joy
Worry not about me
Please only yourself
Her body was turned a slave
Dead and obedient.

Borders of the low came near
Winds of guilt was called on
I touched the worst me
I feared the face.

But then she smiled
Laughed and talked
A best friend making the best love
The one ordered by one
Therefore it happened
Therefore she is the Angel.

All I have is the passion
All I am is the love I do
Yet I let you have it
Promise me you stay
Promise me the you I loved.

Why be my lover
My dear I meant more to myself
Don't you know life is longer than love
Didn't we learn the lasting?
Some make love a million
Then part for ever
So make love a little …make it my wish
I want you to stay

Ask me not to shiver tear or scream
Take me real
That's me looking for you
My best friend
Sorry it was fast
Cold and different

I had it later
So sweet lusty and huge
In my mind I finished the scene
I brought you back and kissed
Hugged and squeezed
I said yes oh yes that's my man

Don't get sad don't go mad
That was a bed for two
Lovers..Oh more, friends..Oh more
Hold me read my being
Stay to remain
Tomorrow we break another rule.

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