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Toast To The Lassies

I raise my glass to give a toast to all the lassies,
From the pain and the suffering us men have put them through,
We belch and we drink, and if not for you we wouldn't be clean,
Without you, what else could we men really do.
You clean all of our nasty and filthy clothing;
And you make sure we all live in a clean, clean house;
You don't really ask much from us men, but only our love….
Well….. maybe to chase away a spider or the occasional mouse.
You cook us our dinners and you make us our meals,
And you make sure we have a place to rest our head,
You take care of our children when we men are always too busy,
But lassies, we still don't listen to one word that you have said.
So, I raise my glass and I will thank you one and all;
May GOD bless you all, as I say that with a hardy boast;
You Lassies have made us men and this world of ours complete;
So, I thank you Lassies, as I give you this thankful toast.

Randy L. McClave

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