Toby Ll

Poem By Morgan Michaels

sobbing in pain, in frustration, in fear while the dumb, big, white horse cantered 'round the ring, vaguely aware, maybe, in its animal way, something serious had happened.

Helping him into his costume before the show, he'd begged Ajax not to- it was too risky: his job, his very neck stood in peril. But with thrilling curtness, Ajax said 'button up', mind his business, it was good for the circus. For-mee-DA-blay! Finally, he straight-out told Ajax Mme Jeanette wasn't worth it, there was nothing between them, he could have her, for all he cared. 'Don't go risking your neck for something that doesn't exist'. That did it. He never saw the little fellow more fired. Like a boy possessed! Poor Toby. He never felt more prophetic. A young life in ruins- for nothin'. All that promise for nothing!

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