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Poem By Richard Bunch

Today I can think of nothing to say.
Just listening to mute slivers of grass
As pink blossoms sputter around the path.
Fields of sunbright mustard throb in the day’s
Distance, hawk-drifting with a bluish haze.
Today I carry with me a new cast
Of the French Revolution and at last
Will trust humankind, follow freedom’s sway.
Today I see what risk it is to seek
Wisdom past understanding, to listen
To blind hawks, prefer the Han to the Ch’in
Dynasty, Athens to Sparta, to see
In nothing that nothing stays, and hasten
To leave unsaid for today “time to live.”

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Comments (2)

Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing and go with the flow. And in that nothingness lies a million thoughts because the mind is ever processing, even though we are not aware in our conscious state. Beautiful poem, as always. Linda
I think you still did a good job with this poem...sometimes it's when your mind stalls that clarity comes. =)