Once many walked behind me on
The same path while
Nobody has ever walked before me-
Every time I look behind
Someone is approaching me-
I could see my reflection in a pond nearby or perhaps, in a mirror-
Yesterday is gone and
Nobody knows what tomorrow shall bring-
I tell myself that
Whatever lurks behind is none but a
Memory of yesterday and
I must not look behind because
All that happened yesterday is none but a threat to me.
I shall keep looking at my reflection
Whether it be in a pond, a mirror or
Perhaps I may see none but a shadow-
But these are all the
I have learned to believe in myself,
And to live only for today-
Yesterday shall soon be forgotten-
Shadows always disappear but
I shall always be true to my reflection-
Only because my reflection always reveals the present moment-
I have lost many a shadow along the paths I have walked and
I can only fantasize of how I would like tomorrow to be;
Some memories of yesterday
Are entertaining but beyond my ability to grasp-
Today I call a branch upon a tree-
Which I can always hold onto and perceive, while
My shadow has once again slipped through my fingertips-
That path before me is never ending-
I can only dream of what tomorrow may bring, but
Today is a blossoming flower or a rainbow on the horizon-
Today I have nothing to fear as
My reflection belongs to me alone and nobody can ever take away
What I can clearly see before me-

by Claudia Krizay

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