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(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)


Poem By Sean Furlong

Today, I’m missing you
Today, I shed a tear
Today, I’m wanting you
I want to hold you near
I want to see your face
I want to see your smile
I’ll meet you any place
To have you stay awhile
Since you have the time
To keep running through my mind
Embrace all things sublime
And just give me some kind of sign
A sign that you’re willing
A sign that you miss me
For a heart that needs filling
With all that a kiss can be
Tonight, I’ll be missing you
Tonight, you’ll be in my dreams
Dreams of love once thought lost
Found anew with lovers crossed
Tomorrow, I’ll be missing you
Tomorrow, I’ll shed a tear
I’ll search the dating sites to find another you
Deny the fact that it isn’t true
That there could be another one that is so fun
A soul that mends so well with mine
A persona that pushes most to run
Keeps me coming back all the time
I don’t know whether or not I’ll fully recover
From the pain and loss of losing a lover
I’ll keep hope in my heart
And that will be a start

-Sean Furlong 9/13/11

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