Poem By rita francis

Today has brought with it
the promise that the hurt
will fade, the dreams will
subside, and the heartache
will be healed.

Today came with a lantern of
hope that yesterday is
over; no longer a failure; no
longer a knuse choking
the life out of me.

Today came with the essence
of joy. Not for what has passed,
but what can happened
when one believes that
good things can happen again.

Today is all I have to
find peace within my soul
for yesterday's mistakes and
shallowness that gave scare.

Today is the day's gratitude of
things which can be
to find solemnity in the simple and
not the convoluted.

Today I will be free
at last and rejoice for I
know that light within, around, and bestowed
upon those that have faith in
the best for this moment.

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very good write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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