Im here with nobody beside me although everyone surrounds me
I love some people more than others but that's really hard for those peopleto see

Especially when I cant take it anymore and I just blow up and say stuff that I didnt really mean to say
But I guess I learn from my mistakes and you broke up with me and now im the one thats going to pay

There is a hole dug deep into my heart that cant be filled
There is a hole diip in my heart that nodoy will ever seal

I'll always be the person you can tell anything to, no matter what Im going to be your friend
Ill be your friend as long as you want, but hey... if you dont want to be my friend right now can be the end

I'll get away, you can pretend like I was never there
But I dont think you can ever PRETEND that we once wasnt a pair

I dont want to but if you want that is whar I am willing to do
I'll do anything to make you smile, even if it hurts me... I'll do it for you

I can handle the hurt in many ways
Just like I handled the hurt yesterday ad even today

I'll handle it day by day when I wake up hugging the pillow that takes your place
All I truly want to do is to see your loving face

The face with the eyes displaying that look held inside
The eyes with that look that comforted me when I would cry

You would always say, 'I'll make it be okay.'
But when I cried, I didnt hear that today

by That Person

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