Today, I Am Not Ready

I couldn't come to you, my pet,
The lights...they were too bright;
Voices said, 'not yet...not yet, '
They whispered, I had too much fight.

I couldn't fold, and say, 'I'm done, '
I have many other fields to wander;
I could not say, 'Well, its been fun, '
and accept what's way up yonder.

The time, it is not right for me,
I wish to stay, a bit much longer;
There's more in life, I want to see,
While I am healthier and stronger.

There's more of life to live, my love,
More of your touch to cherish...
I'll put on hold, what's up above,
Before I let this one soul perish.

When He takes me, then I'll be ready,
Until then, I'll go my merry, little way;
He is my Rock, and oh, so very steady,
But not this hour and not this very day.

by david lessard

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A blessing to read. This poem is remarkable in its content and construction, and at last - I find REAL POETRY today here at PH! ! ! ! ! ! 10+++++++