Today I Clearly Understand

I have been blessed with several talents,
I could have earned a dollar from.
And drove around in a Bentley...
To park in front of my home in Baldwin Hills.
And leading a life free of paying the usual bills.

Many an argument I had with God.
Who sought to block my temptation to greed.
'You will do as I say!
Not as you please.' God would say over and over,
To me.

And today I clearly understand,
Why God selected me to write...
With a communication done that fits His will.
In a giving I can now appreciate.
As a value is placed not too many can duplicate.

Earning and obtaining a higher consciousness.
With a witnessing of the power of God.
And a stress free mentality...
That lets God do what God does best.
Realizing God protects those who addresses His wishes 'First'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

First of all I score this a 10/10. Secondly, you have really touched on an issue that trouble a lot of our young adults in the world today. Finally you have used your talent to provide such a poetic answer to it all, 'God protects those who addreses His Wishes First'