Today I Cried

My Father always told me
Real men never cry.
So, I held back my tears
When my beloved father died.

The day my Mother passed
Was one of my darkest days.
Father said, Real men never cry,
So I held them, through the haze.

As my best friend, lay dieing
In the rains of Viet-Nam.
To help him find his way home,
Through it, I was calm.

When my wife left me
For another man.
Not a tear, did I shed,
Just bowed head into my hands.

The day our little dog got hit,
Was not a pretty sight.
My son came running to me
I said, Real men never cry.

But today, I couldn't stop it.
I had to say Goodby.
To the Light-Of-My-Life..
My Little Daughter, Bright-Eyes.

Today I cried.

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