Today I Know 'Them' And 'They'

As a child I believed I had an understanding,
As to who 'them' and 'they' were.
To me it was then obvious,
Who would be suppressors of my attempted success.

And as an adult who has aged,
With an attempt to make a difference...
As I faced those obstacles 'them' and 'they' created,
To make those tasks on my path more difficult to pass.
I came to realize who 'them' and 'they' had been.
Standing in everyone's way to delay any progress made,
With every conceivable deceit and whim to dish as wished.
And today I know 'them' and 'they'...
As the neighborhood naysayers.
Doing their best to prevent anyone's progress.

Not anyone's.
They still have their picks.
And a pride that services their ignorance.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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