Today, I Lit A Candle

Today I lit a candle,
In memory of you,
A very special tribute,
A flame of gold and blue.

The flame it burned so brightly,
I sat and watched it glow,
It took me back to yesteryears,
A long, long time ago.

I thought about how things have been,
For me, since you’ve been gone,
Were your hopes, for me fulfilled,
Have I turned out, proud and strong.

Did I stand, by what you taught,
Did I let you down sometimes,
Did I always listen to,
Advice you left behind.

I’ve tried to so hard throughout the years,
To live it by the letter,
Did I make you proud of me,
Or could I have done better.

And looking back, I’m sure that you,
Would love me just the same,
You know my faults, you realise,
I’m only human too.

Today I lit a candle,
With gratitude and love,
And you were there to catch the flame,
Of true eternal love.

by Linda Harnett

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