Today I Mourn My Soulmate

I still remember our first 'date'
But today I lost my soulmate
He was gentle, he was kind
The type of man women wished they could find
He made me feel special, wanted, and loved in every way
He caressed me and soothed my sexy body with lovemaking nearly everyday
He came far and near
Always having an open ear
Our conversations lasted for hours on end
Pouring out damn near everything within
He was great with my kid, very genuine
Every time he was around, we were always laughing
Going out for social events, spending the night
And being around all the time, he was all mine
A hardworking man, he often called me each day from work
To let me know he was doing just fine
Some things started to get in our way
Instead of talking it out, he started dying that day
I didn't believe in giving up so I tried to make him stay
Instead he slowly died and today I mourn my soulmate

Now I am with child and he acts so different
I often wonder where my soulmate went
Now he claims he's always working or out with friends
But when I want quality time the excuses never end
No sex, no affection, no talks
No love, no respect, not even a handheld walk
No dinners, no fun, hardly a phone call
No movies, no travel, no more trips to the mall
No helping hand, a totally changed man
Why won't he just be the person I know that he can
I cannot explain it and now I must let this be
For my heart cannot take all this misery
So today all this must cease
However, I will NEVER forget this date
For this is the day I TRULY mourn my soulmate.

LaCicely Nicole

by LaCicely Nicole

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So very touching and sad, but yet this piece finds the courage to release and find yourself... well done!