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Today I Tried

Today I tried.
I didn’t attack,
I didn’t accuse,
I didn’t criticise.
Just, when asked,
Stated my viewpoint.

One sentence I uttered,
About one thing that
Was making me unhappy,
Seeking a compromise.

Today again, I was attacked,
Accused, criticised.
Just for wanting some
Consideration, some
Evidence that I matter.
It’s obvious I don’t.

I serve my purpose well,
Should expect little in return,
Be grateful for small mercies,
And not expect kindness
At a cost to others.

Today I tried.
Probably for the
Last time.

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the best I could say here is at least you understand; oh and the words did have a nice flow to them
Susan, Sometimes we have to give ourselves what others will not. Put people who make us unhappy behind us and move on to the ones who lift us up. A very fresh and true poem. Marilyn