AN (8/20/78 / Columbus, IN)

Today In Heaven We Will Play

Today in heaven we will play
Broken hearts beyond the grave
Dancing and singing
We will fall in love
After all tomorrow is just another day
Reality will shove us back to earth
Birth of tragedy
All is forsaken
Lies replace the truth
While broken promises rain on our parade
Disaster is coming our way
Longing for understanding
The desire for others stands in the way
Lust is a disease that flows through your veins
Yet, the only heart it effects is mine
Feeling powerless
Questioning everything around me
I am getting bold
I got to let go
Begging to forgive
I will accept, but not deny the truth
Two lives torn apart
With no needle and thread... it cannot be fixed.
I had placed my self in the hands of another with ease.
The fire got too hot and I had to leave

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