Today Is My Birthday

Today I smile a lot
Although there is a point of tears
Presence in the world today has been reduced
Due to the increasing age

But I thank my God

You give me - those who love me
And I'm also love them

I do not look at anyone - I really appreciate kind of attention
And their compassion that has given me strength

If today I smile a lot
O God, you give me - those who love me

Thank you for being part of my life

(And they are irreplaceable...)

Copyright © 2012

by Sari Mavi

Comments (2)

true sisters, today is my birthday :) oh thanks for the great gift you give on my birthday many thanks sister yaa.. here I'm smiling give me the sweetest smile I have for you - your attention GBU
Happy Birthday Sari Mavi! Shall I give you 10 marks as a birthday gift to make you happy...Smile..Senyum lah!