Today Is The Day

Today is the day I take stock
to inventory my life,
to rid myself of all that blocks
and causes dissension and strife.

Going from room to room
in the housing of heart and mind,
emptying drawers and using a broom
lost treasures hoping to find.

Some things bring a wonderful glow
in my heart and on my face,
as I rediscover the graces bestowed
that somehow lost their place.

Hidden grief I thought was gone
is suddenly now in sight,
but, battles and victories already won,
remind me of God’s might.

Today is the day of reckoning
discarding, replacing, and seeing
the call of my heart has been beckoning
to 'Take care, this affects your believing'.

Out of the abundance of the heart
issues of life do flow.
Today is the best day I could start
it’s true condition to know.

by Ginny Alloway Baker

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