Today’s Church (1)

God’s house should be a family place
Full love and tender care
A place where all can seek God’s face
With contrite heart in prayer

Within God’s presence sit a while
Ask Jesus Christ The Way
To dance, to sing, to laugh and smile
To praise Him night and day

Yet oft God’s house is damp and cold
Where few serve deep and true
Traditions date from days of old
Yet have not Christ in view

She needs to feed the Father’s flock
With milk and wholesome meat
Firmly to stand upon the Rock
Learning at Jesus’ feet

Asking of Christ the church’s Head
To free and make us whole
Receive of Him our daily bread
For body heart and soul

In days of old, before Christ came
New wine was something strange
Although God’s word remained the same
Religion, brings much change

Through Jesus! God renewed the form
A few returned to stay
Their stone like hearts, again grew warm
But what about today?

God’s righteous path must so remain
The church! Must change her way
Many would soon return again
Never again to stray…PTO…

by Michael P. Johnson

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