(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Today's Clouds And Skies(For Jan)

Here in a deserted
bomb site

(a left over from
the Blitz)

my 5 year old self
(protected by thick muffler
& neat gaberdine mac)

stares in wonder
(stopped now in her play)

as she discovers

half a house
half a washbasin
half a bedroom floor

as if a giant invisible hand had
playfully(mischievously) taken away

the other half
that should be there.

The other half
more real now in its absence

not realising that
Life itself

can be
cut in two

& half lives on and
half dies into History

become a letter
held forever

in the bottom corner of a

a memory
forgotten now

or remembered by
a fading few

or a little girl
watching in horror

as rain
clutches at

the wallpaper roses

plucks &
peels them

(one by one)

from half
a living room wall

half a fireplace
still attempting to warm

what is no longer

weeds & wild flowers
weeds & wild flowers

laughing &
running riot

up a staircase

that leads to


except today's
clouds and skies.

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Wonderful imagery Donall. It made me think of the film 'Hope and Glory'. All that carnage and the shrapnel for the kiddies to collect. HG: -) xx