AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Today's News

Every presidential election they pick a subject the people want to hear
They all have a solution, but nothing ever happens I swear.
In 1991 the candidates spent considerable time on the debt
Five years later they haven't done much about it yet.

I would put a fifty cent tax on gas said the man named Perot
The only candidate who said anything that I know.
Mr. Clinton said not now but rather later
I made a promise for Gay rights in the military; and that's the hot potata.

Instead of smoke and mirrors these days
The magicians have started to use haze.

All the policy makers of 2003 trying to get a balance budget resolution
Who will be here in 2006 to explain what happened to the solution?
What do he politicians do after their first year of verbal confusion
Like the magician and the rabbit; they bring forth the illusion.

A photo opportunity for those trying to offer a plan to solve
I really don't think their vocabulary contains the word resolve.
In 2002 the candidates spent considerable time on the debt
Four years later they haven't done anything about it yet.

Congress holds the purse strings and gives the president his desire
It matters not if it is for war or terrorism; as long as it feeds the fire.
Those who approved the money every year, now relent rather than be liars.
Very clever are these politicians and their ilk
Voices of oil and smooth as silk.
I will wait until they know of their fate
For their past deeds, few will be returned in the year 2008

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