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Today's Religious Leaders
JGN (August 24,1976 / Monrovia, Liberia)

Today's Religious Leaders

Clergies, Emma, prophets; they’re described
False philosophies, doctrines they inscribed
Meddles in politic, war; tainting world stage
Tolerating immoral sex & same-sex marriage

Manipulating peoples religious sentiments,
Seeking to satisfy their soul & enrichments
Crimes, evils committed; hatred inflame
Means of doctrines, they taints God’s name

Men blow themselves up in the name of Allah
Threaten world stage for virgins, & dollars
Change of heart, mind, they ‘re not willing
blinded in sinful acts, they go on killing

Ways to reach God, deified idols of stones,
scornful spirit; put Caesar on God’s throne,
worship disgraceful & disgusting images,
Both male & female change natural usage.

The God they worship, never known,
A divine instructions, never known,
leaders make the taunt; “God’s too slow”,
minds dwell in darkness; badness glows.

Clergies, eviscerate members of basic truths
Forging the love & words of God in splinter
Painting God as weak, as wicked & as cruel
Bringing sentences & inflicting destructions

Emma cheats, teach doctrine of war & death
Writhe in Jihad, create machines for death.
“Death to all”; in the name of Allah & religion
& Planting hatred & evils for God & man.


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Wonderful poem.........Today's Religious Leaders have broken all the records..............One has to be careful and pray to the Supreme Lord. By His divine arrangements one is able to get a bonafide spiritual master. ONE SHOULDN'T RELY ON HIS MIND AT ANY COST, FOR FINDING A GURU.