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Today's Seminar

In the midst of the spontaneous outpour of his intellectual diarrhoea
The crows began to crack jokes
It's is fortfive minutes past five in the evening
Where will be my baby?
Is he missing me?
How can I feed him?
When this proffessor is profusely feeding us stellar evolution,
Thorough his slide show
I am feeling sleepy, oh my God
You ceated the whole with a single sound
Now these bald headed geniuses
explaining your magic;
Einstein is here in his slide, Hubble, Gamov and Friedman is here
Seminar hall bangs with big bangs
He will drill my head -cocksure
Oh my God
Speaks about hot soup of quarks and leptons
When I dream about hot n sour chicken soup,
Speaking about celestial inflation
when the whole world is facing inflation
In the end I realised that Iam an alien; or soon I will become a UFO

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