Today's World

Todays world has nothing in it but corruption
Which in the end always leads to destruction

It is said that you get true love from people who care and are kind
But in todays world those people are too hard to find

What really matters in todays world is wealth
But none care a shit of health

Relationships in todays world dont go pretty well
And relationships that dont work are as bad as hell

The world today is full of illusions and sorrow
Which has no light of hope for a better tomorrow

People dont care about the way others feel
Their sympathy doesnt make wounds heal

What really matter are their lives
And for a better living
They may even stab you with knives

The world today is not for the honest and wise
But is only for the people who are in disguise

Theres no one to help people who are in need
Coz the rich are full of greed

What matters to people is good looks and fame
But in the end life plays a tricky game

Suddenly life ends all your pleasures
And you lose all your precious treasures

Suddenly life ends all the corruption
And then starts your disruption

Todays world is like a toaster
In which we are bread
And once you are toasted it throws you out dead

by Adnan Siddiqui

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