Today... 'The Fear Of Isaac'

Poem By Roy Allen

The temple shook and it was filled with smoke
and all went silent as the Lord God spoke.
Woe was me filled with dread and all undone
I had seen the Lord, The Almighty One.

In the most holiest of places dwells He
unapproachable by the likes of me.
None may stand before Him or dare draw near
He is Omnipotent and His name is Fear.

To stand before His awful judgement throne
completely naked and all on my own.
My soul lit up under the light of God
all my deeds displayed and the paths I've trod.

My life exposed to His all seeing eyes
the truth made known about my life of lies.
Each deed displayed for all others to see
would be so dreadful and shameful for me.

Can anyone pass this great test of holiness?
One sin would condemn to unworthiness.
Is there any hope for the someone like me?
Oh where can I go or where can I flee?

Then I heard the tender voice of Jesus say
'Come to me for I am the only Way.'
'I've paid the price, God's law is satisfied'
'When upon the cross in your place I died.'

It's fearful to fall into the hands of God
but deliverance can come from the Lord.
But the fear God is the greatest of wisdom
for through Christ we enter into His kingdom.

So like Job let's fear God and shun evil.
Flee from the temptations of the devil
and then we sin in repentance we cry
'Lord wash us in Your blood or we shall die.'

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