Today... 'The First And Last'

Poem By Roy Allen

Before the creation had taken its place.
Before the beginning of this earthly race.
Before the heavens and the earth came to be.
Before the dawn of human history.

Before the tick of the seconds of time began
Then the Triune God formed salvations plan.
The Son of God at the very beginning stood.
and commenced all of creation by His word.

There is no one to compare with You my Lord
for You forever will be the living Word.
The One Who is the Son of Man walked on earth
Who came to us from heaven by virgin birth.

The Alpha and Omega is First and Last
was at the beginning and will time outlast.
Alive before time and creation began
and when history unfolded became a man.

Each chapter of earth and human history
has been encompassed between eternity.
For the Fathers' Eternally Begotten Son
stands outside of time as the Everlasting One.

The Alpha and Omega, the First and Last
all the years of time within Your hands You grasp.
from everlasting to everlasting the same
The Almighty God Jehovah is Your name.

When time shall cease and the sun no longer rise
When Christ has come with His glory in the skies.
When the ransomed called to reign with Him on high
and with all the angels 'hallelujah' cry.

When all the atomic clocks have ticked their last.
When matter has disappeared into the past.
When the new heaven and earth in sight appears.
There You shall still stand outlasting all the years.

The Eternal God and Everlasting Lord
by heaven and earth and forever adored.
There at Your feet all men shall fall as though dead
before Heaven's King and Everlasting Head.

And there at Your feet I shall willingly fall
before my King of Glory and Lord of All.
And then as I feel the touch of Your right hand
I shall rise up at the sound of Your command.

When the worlds are no more and all time shall cease
there You shall reign and Your kingdom shall increase
and I shall be there gazing into Your face
washed and clothed in righteousness by Your grace.

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Comments about Today... 'The First And Last'

I have just written a poem called 'Alpha and Omega' and I wrote it yesterday..must be the Spirit sending out the same ideas! ! Very nice write..thankyou Roy

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