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& Today There Is No Escape
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& Today There Is No Escape

crashing thoughts against the additive glow
of evening..watching time sing between the foggy stars
a handsome dweller in the hours of hunting follows his own steps

Some Heaven knows the machine behind this smile
and collects the fallen teeth as they hit the grass and chew to hell
with out oil or esteem

picked apart by falling snow
torn down from the clouds like swords on judgment day
if such a day exists, it will be cold and withdrawn
like busted Televisions
yes that was us in the fire

Running from silence decided soon after the crash
Our train cars
and they lay down in the smoke mumbling metal alphabets

the sea decides for itself that the sun set with other ideas
and lulls against the shore ina timely addiction

My dearest darling scorched
and wide awake in the smoke

she was a child’s first smile after the first bee sting
she was the joints of my collapsed umbrella and the pines digging in my eyes
a book across my chest
my broken teeth and
where my soul escaped from photographs

She spoke in my last ear with her smoking tongue of the judgments to come
her body radiant with unkept poems

A fathers eyes
danced in the shining of scotch rye
as I stared into anything but the crushed countryside
we belted along
breathing to beat his undrunk thoughts
to the river
and find ourselves saved
from a fathers eyes
from the gun tucked between his legs

I stood tilted on the banks
and watched the soapy river surround my feet
I finally felt something
I turned around to a sober man long gone
I looked up to his gun
and then
up to his Heaven
and that’s the last time
I saw
a fathers eyes

Now they have come
to take her shell and cool my hotfoot
to hunt
today there is no escape
I am nothing more then an unkept poem
drowned in police scenes and silence

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You chose a very interesting poem as the first one you post. I like the imagery, although I couldn't follow a lot of it. Seems a little haphazard. Keep it up.