Today, This One Day

Poem By Ayni Poet

I carry with me the traces of birds left in the woven of air
I carry with me the sounds of an allegro piano playing at sunrise
I carry my childhood squeezed in the candy resting on the bottom of my purse!

I carry with me the perfume of mom's old house by the river
I carry with me the bliss of making the first snowman in the park
I carry with me the unforgiving wind that screams by the corners of the windows,
Late, late at night.

I carry with me the sadness of a dry rose forgotten in a small pewter vase for years
I carry with me the crisp of a lifetime lover's kiss.
I carry the excitement of a rosy liquid poured in the air from a cold champagne glass.
I carry the easiness of a silk scarf covering a teen's shoulders
I carry with me the grace of a leaf floating on the foam of Time.
I carry with me the texture of God's greatest fairytale,
It's you, my dear Soul.

Comments about Today, This One Day

a poem of a life's memories both good and bad? ......well written
You carry everything you have and perhaps that's why you leave no trace of you as to where from you come and where do you go. But a reader will locate you after reading a few more poems.
I carry with me with me the texture of God's greatest fairytale, It's you, my dear Soul. So you carry yourself as whole. It may be a fantasy for you but for a reader a fantastic poem.

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