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Today, Tomorrow & Beyond
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Poem By Rachel Fogle

One day everything seems perfect, the next there's heartache & pain.
One minute you have so much, the next you have nothing but shame.

I've learned in a very short time, to always value today.
And that when tomorrow comes make it count in every way.
Beyond that you can't control, its what I've discovered.
You can only prepare and wait to uncover.

My biggest lesson that I can see, is that I must guard my heart much more carefully.
I love in away that is hard to describe, only to say I only do it once in a great while.

Now I am faced with my biggest test, do I stay around till tomorrow becomes the next.
Do I love him from a distance and keep him close to my heart,
Only to have him come to me and say you aren't the one for the part.

This is not something that I ever thought would occur,
I thought we would have everything and that our life would just unfold.
Now I'm caught between the man I love and the one who calls me a fool.
How can one ever possibly choose?

I laugh at what was, and cry for what might be.
I cherish what we had, and will continue to believe.

That Today I am OK, and tomorrow I will be to.
Because Beyond all that's happened I know I had a love so true.

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