Today Was Once Tomorrow And Will Soon Yesterday Be

But wait my father,
There is time - yet. Go no futher,
But stay awhile with me
As we both search the sea.

For there is a ship I see on high
Sails set against a flowing tide
To reach a goal that has been set
Where men, women and children are met.

There joining in jubliant cheer
Holding together what is most dear
A union that knows no breaks
For we are All - As we awake.

Go not gentle into that good night
But bless the days when all is right.
Rage, rage, rage - not against the failing light
For together we have yet another war to fight.

Today was once tomorrow,
and will soon yesterday be.
But I pray,
It shall be
As it was
meant to be.


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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