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Today Was The Worse

today was the worse in a long time
all I wanted to do was cry
at everything
at every thought
my response was to cry
was to break down
but I held it in
but now tonight I wan to let it out
but it has already changed
changed from tears
to anger
but I don't not know how to release anger
I’ve always just bottled it up
but I can't do that anymore
my bottle is broken
it exploded inside of me
leavening me with shattered emotions loose inside
inside of me and I don’t know what to do with them
I don't know how to deal with all of this anger
all of this pain
all of the wanting to cry
all of these emotions I’ve bottled up
bottled up tight for all these years
but they are now loose
loose inside of me
eating away at me
slicing at my insides
trying to break free
will they shatter me
like they shattered their bottle
or will they spread
spread all threw out me
infesting me
becoming me
How can I fix this
How can I release this

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Wow this is such a good poem