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Today, You Are Everything To Me.................

I love you not because what you are
but also for your deep love and thoughts for me
Your love fills my heart with meanings
and bring my emotion melting in your arms
When you are close to me then my worries disappear
and exchange of our love makes my heart strong
I didn't know the power of love until it showered from you
and you made me to understand what is love and be loved
Today, I am falling in love with you every single moment
Your heart leads me to your thoughts and senses
and tells me to tie my heart at night with yours
When morning comes then I wake up with your thoughts
and I recollect my dreams which I have buried with you
Brings me a smile on my face and rushing to hold you
and find my day is not enough to be with you in love
Hope you will understand that I cannot live with out you
and today you are everything to me.

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