Today You Guys Are Just Going To Have To Wait

At times I feel,
I provoke the ghosts...
Of my ancestors.
Especially when I know,
I am not at my best!
And rest I'd rather get.
Than to impress with those gifts,
From which I did get,
As a result of my ancestors blood and sweat.

Never did I wish,
To sit...
In the taking for granted,
Of those I represent and miss.

But I do admit,
A feeling I provoke...
The wishes of my ancestors.
Those ghosts within me that make visits.
Awaiting impatiently to do...
Not what I want.
But what they insist!

'Today you guys are just going to have to wait,
And sit.
I am tired.
I need rest.
And rest I am going to get! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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