AS (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

Today You Took My Will

Joy and despair surround me.
What shall I see today?
What emotions will surround me?
Only you hold the key.

Today I felt like we should be one.
But then you stepped away.
I never know which way you'll turn
Your moods confuse me.

I thought we could be close.
We share both joy and despair.
But today you closed that door.
Today you walked away.

The pain you must be feeling.
Why cant I share with you?
I thought our souls were one.
But you took that all away.

What can I fill this emptiness with?
How can I function at all?
You take my will, when you go away.
You leave just a shell.

I may not be here tomorrow.
Again my worthlessness comes through.
Today you took my will.
There is nothing left of me.

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