Todays Teenagers

Poem By Peter Generazio

Todays teenagers
My heart goes out to todays teenagers, with everyday pressure, such as
school, parents, and peers. It is a lot to deal with,
which causes a lot of stress and fears.
Some turn to drugs and alcohol, which is the easy way out,
others hang with the wrong people to feel accepted;
There are others that will bury themselves in school work,
which will cause them later to scream and shout.
There is a lot of pressure on these kids,
some would hop in a strangers car and go for a ride;
My heart goes out to the parents of a child,
that made the dedision of suicide.
If your a friend of someone thats having a hard time, be a good
friend and listen, with that you can pick up certain signs.
To the people that don't want any help,
just let them know that you will always be there.
I was taught that the gift is in the giving,
It's your heart that you can share kids are cruel to one another;
not realizing that they have hurt someone deep inside.
By being responsible for your own actions,
you can be as dependable as the oceans tide.
Peter M. Generazio

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excellent advocacy, , , reminding me of my reasons for writing my poem'Veracity', , , which says it all...

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