Together A...Gain

Be not severe, steer Chance towards dance scheme,
as harsh March veers to sothing June, cleanse slate,
Contemplate completion, name the date
open source parched hearts may soothe on stream.

Weigh way together where both share joy’s dream
withdraw poor stumbling blocks, steps separate
bereaving, grieving, signing single state,
two castaways from land of might-have-been

Cyphers on life’s screen two deemed supreme
coded blue skies – time flies – is it too late?
Apart, no partial thoughts can compensate –
Or fill a void where one avoids hopes teamed.

Enchantment may be spelled, as well this theme
should show could chance flow true, anticipate
return to starting blocks, unlocked love’s gate, -
empathy enhancing shared esteem.

No parting need there be – together streamed
minds twine together, twin, win/win, create
a fresh forever. Why precipitate
judgements hasty, waste when over-steamed?

For sake of christmas-yet-to-come redeem
the sentiments in pawn – new dawn may fête
renewal’s jewel not fuel cruel debate.
Fond friend, in answer I await hope’s beam.

21 March 2005

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Together A…gain poem © Jonathan Robin

by Jonathan ROBIN

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