Together Again

You were always my one, and only. You were my Rod, and my staff
Our body, and souls united as one, and God blessed us both with
the fruit from his heart.
There was never a dull moment in our little home, day_in_day_out
you could always hear the pitter_patter of little feet running
all about. Some days we'd feel like running out, and slamming the door
without thinking twice. Then we'd look into those sweet little
faces with tears flowing down, and we'd count our blessings
one, by one thanking God were all together again side_by_side. The children are grown, with families of their own. They come
to visit once in awhile, some more then other's and you want
them to visit without a doubt.
Bring the grandkids, but please don't let them jump all about,
cause Grandmas, and Grandpa just can't chase after them like
we use to, or like we'd like. Dear Bessie it's just you, and me now and the Doctor's say
your getting worse as the day's go by. Some day your going
toleave me, and you won't be by my side.
How can I stay here without you dear? You have my heart, and
my soul please don't leave me behind. It's been so lonely here in our little home with out you near.
each night before I go to sleep, I pray to God my soul he'll
keep. now that my day's are numbered here, I heard you tell
me softly in my ear, that you'll have someone to come and
meet me, cause God knows how much I loved you dear. My soul is floating in mid air, Imust say good by to all our
children, and how I loved them dear, before my soul reaches
the sky. Then you, and I will always be together again
side_by_side. Love Al

by Arlene Iris Bullock

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