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Together Back In Hell
JR (1991 / missouri)

Together Back In Hell

Poem By jesica reeder

you cut your wrist
you let it bleed
you dont let it heal
you drain like fire
put out like ash
i find you in a pile of blood
head to toe in blood
nothing left in you
maybe a twitch or two
nothing left to do
i dial a number a time or two
no answer, nothing left to do
i take the knife and stab you a time or two
show my pain
my hurt and some
i was there by your side
what happened? what went wrong?
what did i do to you
i have nothing left to do
but to stab me a time in the chest
left me there to bleed
to show my fear, my pain
my loss from you
i love you
i miss you
together back in hell

like always, im is autumns ashes09 or e-mail is flamzchick@yahoo.com

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You have a morbid streak-like I did at your age. sometimes i'd write for no reason..other times, it's all I had to put my feelings into words. I hope you dont really think in suicide because now that i've grown, life is so much better. Hit me up if you need someone to talk to.....anyway, i can tell you are a great writer.