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Together Forever

It was in the childhood of days-
The trails of our misty morn
Bedazzled by Springs blossoms
Where our: 'Together' was born;

Fortified by the adolescence of afternoons-
Caressed by many a butterfly kiss
Lost in your gentle arms of love
Overgown in the sweetest of bliss;

Growing into the adulthood of night-
Where the dusk touched our soft alibastor shore
Aglow in the windows of glorious true love
Together in the sunset of evermore;

Yes, a lifetime of you and i...
Oh, how we did grow
Many days such as these
That, we have come to truly know;

And oh, how my heart still beats-
Whenever, i gaze into your brown eyes
From our first Spring to our Winter
Our love-never to die;

So beloved, you are to me-
Cherished-beyond most precious gold
Surely, you are a gift from our Father
Together, my darling, we grow old! ;


Dedication: To My Husband

By, Theodora Onken
February 17,2012

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